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Welcome to the "Kitchen Craft Family", as a member of our family you will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes, videos to help you learn hints and

tips to healthier cooking and the ability to share stories and recipes with hundreds of other members.


We're Charlie and Monica your chefs and this is our life's journey and we’re celebrating 5+ years with Kitchen Craft and 33 years of marriage. Our greatest gifts are our 3 wonderful children and our greatest joys are our 3 grandchildren. Family mealtime has always been important to us. Breaking bread together, and having meaningful conversation is foundational to a strong family. Charlie’s always had

a love for cooking. We love to have extended family and friends over for good food, fun and fellowship. There’s something powerful about making healthy meals together, creating great memories and lasting

traditions with those we love. We’ve always been interested in a healthy lifestyle. Now we’re becoming passionate about sharing what we’re learning with others.

Kitchen Craft gives us an opportunity to give you tools to help you change your quality of life for life.


We are lifelong educators. Charlie has a career background in both restaurants and education. Monica homeschooled our children, then worked in Christian ministry. We’ve always looked forward to the empty nest season, now we get to travel with Kitchen Craft, meeting wonderful new people every week across the United States. One of our favorite things is meeting people who have owned our cookware for many decades and telling us how much they love their waterless cookware. You can find a few examples on our Facebook page. We’re confident you’ll be coming by next year to tell others how much you love your set!! Find our Facebook page to see some happy customers yourself and please, like, comment and share our Facebook page.


We continue to have the privilege of teaching and training new reps for Kitchen Craft. Kitchen Craft appeals to and retains men and women of high character, integrity, and team spirit. This creates a camaraderie that really adds to the value of our work and travel experiences. Kitchen Craft gives us the flexibility to work when

and where we want. We can travel the USA or we can stay close to home. Working about 130 days a year we are able to take more than 2 full months off each year!

We love the extra time we have with family, thanks to our career with Kitchen Craft. We’re always looking to add to the Kitchen Craft family if you

know someone who loves people, has the ability to travel and an impeccable work ethic let us know. Our family philosophy is to “enjoy the journey,”

we hope our paths cross again, on our Cook for Life journey.


Happiness is a fully

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