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Coming from humble beginnings, I was raised in a struggling family of 10 and spent most of my time in the kitchen learning the foundations of

cooking for a large family with little to no resources and very little food. My passion for food and the importance of a well-balanced diet opened

my eyes to just how much we could showcase our love and care for one another simply through a dish of food.


As an adult, I carried this knowledge with me as I raised a family of my own. In our spare time my husband,

our six children and I love to make videos together, cook, watch movies and play video games.


Prior to my professional journey into the culinary world; I made it my mission to help others secure their financial

futures by selling health insurance, life insurance and annuities. I also worked as a liaison for hospitals and local physicians marketing

durable medical equipment and oxygen.


I then shifted my career aspirations to coincide with my deep-rooted passion for the kitchen along with my desire to help others.

I became Executive Chef of a private boarding school for troubled teen girls, graduated culinary school with honors and even became

a chef with the world-renowned Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.


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