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Welcome to the "Kitchen Craft Family", as a member of our family you will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes, videos to help you learn

hints and tips to healthier cooking and the ability to share stories and recipes with hundreds of other members.


Having fun and being of service seems to run in my family. My wife and I have two fantastic kids – a 22-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter. My son i

s a professional parkour athlete, up and coming mixologist and artist. He’s an eagle scout, so he knows how to be responsible, but he is also one of the funniest

and goofiest characters you’ll ever meet. My daughter is studying international relations at the University of Minnesota with a goal of working in either international nonprofits, or the diplomatic corps. She says her ultimate goal is to become Secretary of State so she can change the world, and so she can tell whoever is

President what needs to get done. My wife runs a Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore and is the ReStore’s DIY Diva on a local tv station sharing the message

of helping people, and the planet. I couldn’t be prouder of any of them. I’m in awe of all of them.


I’ve had several careers before joining Kitchen Craft, most of them revolving around helping people live into their highest potential, or helping organizations

better serve people. My experience includes running a customer service training company, music instrument sales company, real estate, teaching college,

handling communications for a number of nonprofits, and most recently, selling products that made cooking healthy a little easier. Helping people

cook healthier is what makes me so excited about my new adventure with Kitchen Craft.


The most fun I have in the world is spending time with my family. Our two great kids are smart, funny, compassionate and wonderful to be around.

We all love skiing, traveling, hiking, camping, and playing with the queen of the house, our boxer dog Lily.


I became a distributor of Kitchen Craft after spending a weekend watching another KC distributor demonstrating waterless cooking.

The quality was apparent, her food tasted great, and I could see the benefits to my health. It was a no brainer.


I look forward to showing others how easy, and life changing, waterless cooking can be. I’m a raging extrovert, so I love talking

with people, and I love showing them this fantastic way of cooking!



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