Chef Karen Adam




My name is Karen Adam. I am 71 years old, and at my age,

never once did I think I would be doing something like this.

I bought my cookware, about 20 years ago. I loved it!!

Still have it! I never thought that a set of pots and pans,

could make such a difference in my life!I have been blessed,

with many good careers, that I have enjoyed doing, but

always in the back of my mind, I dreamed of doing Kitchen Craft,

when I retired. I finally did it! and I loved every minute of it!

Where else can you have so much fun, meeting wonderful people,

teaching healthy eating habits, and selling a product, that you

truly believe in. I personally feel, that Kitchen Craft, should be in

every household, the same as a dishwasher, refrigerator, or

microwave. It is that important to your health!


Now, because of Covid, I can try to help you all with tips on

how to use your cookware. There is much more to come.


Thank you so much! Karen Adam

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