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Chef Lynn Johnson



Welcome to the "Kitchen Craft Family", as a member of our family you will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes,

videos to help you learn hints and tips to healthier cooking and the ability to share stories and recipes with hundreds of other members.


I'm a native Floridian, my family has been in Florida for generations. I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines for 24 years in the

IT department. During my tenure I had the privilege of traveling to Europe and installing the desktop equipment

on their new ships, which were being built in either Finland or Italy.


I was married in 2013 and widowed in 2015. During that time my late husband gave me the bug to travel in an RV.

I'm an official with USA Cycling, which keeps me busy a few weekends a month. I love live theater and join going to my

favorite restaurant Ortanique on the Mile.


I became a distributor of Kitchen Craft this year. Very quickly I have learned this will be a career that I'm

going to love. I have discovered this company really cares about their distributor and about putting

out a good product. I also love the fact that everything about this company is

American made and they support our military.


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