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Hi Folks! Welcome to the Official Place of Business for Chef Chip Cooks!

Chef Chip Cooks is also known as Scott Pomeroy. But you can just call me, CHIP.

Why Chip? C.H.I.P. stands for, Cooking Healthy Is Powerful.


My home base, for the last 40 years, has been in North East Texas, just about an hour from Dallas.

I’m originally from Atlantic, Iowa. The Heartland of America. Fresh Sweet Corn is the Best!

I love to Camp in Our “Glamping” RV, and Ride my Motorcycle through Trails of Trees.

My Great American Family Consists of My Gal’, Candi, My Kids Brad (25) and Beth (23),

and Cori (29) her 2, my Granddaughters, Rowan and Palmer Paige (27) her 3,

my Grandsons, Lyric, Jhett and Ryder and Taylor (25) her 3, my other Granddaughters,

Zoey, Riley and Laykn Louise and Candi’s Boys, Cody (24) and Tyler (21)

That is 7 Kids and 8 Grandkids! Hopefully, more Grandkids are coming soon!


I’m passionate about the way I Cook and Eat, because my Heart Needs all the Help it can get!

If our hearts stay healthy, we’ll have more time to spend with our Families!

Join me in my mission. #CREMA #WATERLESSCOOKWARE and Strengthen your Heart.

#MILLIONHEARTSSpend Quality Time and a Greater Quantity of Time with Your Family.


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