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Welcome to the "Kitchen Craft Family", as a member of our family you will have access to hundreds of delicious recipes, videos to help you learn

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My name is Jim Evans , my wife is Cheryl, we have two daughters, Madison and Brooke, and one boy Jackson. We are the Evans family.

We travel and live full time in our 40’ motorhome. Before Kitchen Craft I was an organic produce farmer for 13 years. I loved growing

fruits and vegetables, and helping people eat healthy.


That’s why Kitchen Craft cookware made so much sense to me. It was the missing element in my quest for better nutrition.

No matter how nutritious the veggies I grew were, once they left my farm and even into my own kitchen. We did not possess the proper

tools to prepare our meals and keep the nutrition in our veggies.


I am a new rep for Kitchen Craft, I have been with the company several months. I have learned so much about how to properly prepare my food, and get the most nutritional value out of it. I love meeting and helping the people who watch my demonstrations. If I can pass on some healthy tips, and offer better solutions in healthy eating I feel great about what I do. Helping people to see that our food matters, and that we can cook healthier and easier meals, all while saving money, and keeping our families healthy happy and safe.


I am amazed at the amount of people who come up to me at my shows and tell me how long they have had their cookware. My oldest testimonial to date is 66 years! I am amazed at the health these folks are in, it is truly amazing to see the results of waterless cooking.


I am very proud to represent a 114 year old American company, that offers an amazing 100% Made In America product! Kitchen Craft

allows me and my family to travel and see the country all while I earn an excellent income. Please contact me if you are looking for a career.

We are Hiring!

I will be traveling throughout the United States, I look forward to meeting and helping each and every one of you.

Let’s take a journey together to healthier cooking and better nutrition.


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