What is waterless and greaseless cookware?

Waterless Cookware Cooks Better Tasting, More Nutritional Food!
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The healthiest alternative to boiling and deep frying ever that has changed the lives of millions for over 100 years.

How does it work?

By merging several heat-conducting metals together and creating a thermal core, waterless cookware distributes the heat from the bottom up, the sides in and the top down, just like the oven that requires no grease or water.

Why is it healthier?

Boiling vegetables with high heat dissolves minerals, nutrients and artery clearing fiber leaving us hungry and craving unhealthy snacks.

Frying without grease reduces calories, cholesterol and artery clogging plaque.

The waterless and greaseless method is the healthiest method of cooking ever because the cookware’s even heat distribution does the cooking instead of the water and grease distributing the heat.

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“I lost 170 lbs. using Kitchen Craft Cookware! Very healthy cooking. Beats any kind of diet!”

Joan from Canada