Chicken Parmesan

It seems we’ve got healthy & simple meal preparation on the brain! We know cooking healthy can seem overwhelming at times – isn’t that why the freezer aisle full of fast, pre-made meals exists?

We like the convenience of frozen meals, but crave the satisfaction of healthy and homemade dinners.

Today, we want to share a one of our favorites which is 1 Pan Chicken Parmesan. A family favorite that is healthy, satisfying and good for the soul. (Okay, maybe that’s a stretch… but a little home-cooked goodness can go a long way!)

Our 1 Pan Chicken Parmesan recipe is unique. Rather than dredging the chicken breasts in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, we tweak the technique by turning the coating into a topping. Not only is it infinitely easier, the crumbs stay super-crunchy and it helps whittle down the calorie count.