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3-1 Roasting Pan


Our Dome Covers* are like nothing you've ever seen before! Their unique design makes them multi-functional. Check this out! You can't do this with conventional cookware...

Need to melt chocolates or cheese for a recipe? Place your Dome Cover inside a larger pot to create a double-boiler!
Ever think to cook corn on the cob standing up? Turn your Dome Cover upside down and use as a lid for larger vertical cooking space!
Want to steam some broccoli to go with your rice? Place another pot on top of the Dome Cover for stack-cooking!
Need an extra serving dish? You can serve cooked food inside the Dome Covers!

The Large 10" Dome Cover will work with your 6 and 8 Quart Stock Pot as well as your Large Skillet.

*Dome Covers are not 7-ply. They are not designed to be used on any burner alone. Placing your Dome Cover on a burner will destroy it. Only use Dome Covers for their intended uses as stated above.

Dimensions: Rim Diameter - 11.31" Inside Diameter - 10.25" Height - 2.87" Weight: 1.87 lbs

3-1 Roasting Pan - WaterlessCookware

3-1 Roasting Pan