What is Waterless and Greaseless Cooking?

An oven is a waterless cooker. It cooks from 
the bottom up, the sides in, and the top down, 
so you don’t put water in the oven.

Why do we add water and grease when we cook our foods? 
To conduct the heat around the food. With the new kitchen Craft
construction, the metals conduct the heat and the nutrition is not 
boiled out and poured down the drain and you can eliminate the 
grease and fats that are clogging our arteries.
But the oven will dry your food out, shrink the foods,
take a long time and use a lot of energy!

In 1906, two American metal workers in West Bend Wisconsin,
created the first waterless cooker at a cost of $69.00, that allowed
you to cook several foods at the same time, with no water dissolving
the nutrients and named it “The Kitchen Craft Waterless Cooker”
Not A Pressure Cooker But A Vacuum Cooker. 

The multi layer aluminum construction allowed the heat to
transfer across the bottom, up the side walls and to the top
creating a low temperature thermal cooking method that would
be owned and loved by millions throughout the world.
Today, the Kitchen Craft waterless cookware is hand crafted in
West Bend, Wisconsin in a green American manufacturing facility.
The new .110 gage thermal core construction now allows for
waterless "and" greaseless cooking and is changing the health
of families throughout the world. 
When you read our thousands of five star reviews, you will 
understand why the health conscious families of the world are investing
 in the “ last set of cookware in their life “, not the next one that ends up in the landfill a year later with toxic non stick chemicals leaching into our bodies.
“ where would we be financially, if every major purchase in our life 
had the same lifetime warranty as Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware?”
Do not let Kitchen Craft waterless cookware be the next
set you buy, 
“Let it be the last set you’ll ever invest in."
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