Why Is It Healthier To Cook Without Water and Grease?

Water and high heat are the two greatest enemies to the nutrition in your
food. If we boil the food and pour the juices down the drain, the kitchen
sink ends up the best fed member of the family. When you cook your veggies the waterless way, the high retention of vitamins allows less food to satisfy your hunger, and you stay full longer. On the farm, if you gave the livestock Alfalfa
or clover, it took half as much to keep them healthy as when you fed them fescue or straw. After we peel, boil and pour the juices away, there’s no nutrition left
and we stay hungry and eat all the wrong foods because we had straw for lunch.

Watch what one of our testimonial on a
customer of ours that lost 52 lbs! 

If you pour grease down your drain, it clogs. Our arteries clog
as well in the form of our number one killer, heart attack.

Watch what one of our customers had to say about
dropping her cholesterol using waterless cookware. 

https://youtu.be/Egbv5Qy5pCg You go girl! 

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